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Founder Greetings

“Together Building a Digital Ecosystem in Indonesia”

The digital era is irresistible. This era encourages us to always be creative and look for new market gaps and new opportunities. Furthermore, it creates a new perspective, a new way of thinking, and a new way of life. This era encourages disruption in various areas of our lives. So that technology adaptation is a must and a necessity in the world.

We introduce Nouva Core, a group of young people who have the same vision to develop a digital ecosystem in Indonesia by combining humans, machines, and data. Our focus is to build a digital ecosystem starting from digital marketing to implementing technology within the company.

In 2020, the world is hit by a global pandemic. All countries, sectors, and individuals felt a significant impact from this pandemic. The world is hit by the radicalization of digital transformation, where everyone is forced to enter the digital world. This is not an easy revolution for everyone, some are able to adapt well, some are still difficult to adapt and finally decided to stop.

With the challenges of this pandemic, we see the importance of building a digital image for both SME and large companies. With a digital image, companies or entrepreneurs can keep trying and building the Indonesian economy, which in 2020 is very concerning.

We realize that we cannot do it all alone, we are very open to collaborating and working together with agencies, governments, communities, or individuals to help and make this dream come true. We believe that with the spirit of rising together, we can pass 2020 and grow even bigger after this pandemic.

In the end, in God, we pray to give us health, strength, and fortitude during this pandemic. Stay safe by always following the health protocol and together we can get through this difficult time. Hopefully, the conditions can be rapidly improved and return to normal as usual.

Together We Grow

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