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Smartphone has become a common item in this digital age. Everyone mostly already has a smart phone. This becomes an opportunity for companies to be able to develop communities and improve employee performance with the use of mobile applications. Nouva Core provides services in the development of mobile apps both for the Android platform and also the iOS platform.

For Who ?

This service is intended for companies, individuals, digital startups and also for the government.

For What ?

  1. Business Apps
  2. Customer Survey App
  3. Promotional Application
  4. Financial Application
  5. Attendance Application
  6. And more.

Development Mechanism

    Developer Mechanism to ensure every job is in accordance with the expectations of our clients, we follow the methods and SOP to ensure our development is appropriate.
    1. Problem Assessment : This process is the process where Nouva Core’s Business Analyst team identifies the problem together with the client. 
    2. Solution Development: The Analyst Team will formulate solutions to the problems faced by the Client and confirm from the solution design to the client.
    3. Web Development: After obtaining approval from the client for the solution offered, the development team will conduct software development.
    4. Regular Progress Report : The Nouva Core team in this case the project manager in charge will conduct reporting related to the progress of the project periodically.
    5. User Acceptance Test : After the development and solution has been programmed, a session will be conducted where the user or user directly tests the solution developed. This process determines whether additional development is necessary or is sufficient and ready for implementation. 
    6. Implementation: The implementation process is carried out starting from training the use of web / software to mentoring at the beginning.
    7. Closing Project: This process is the process of handing over work to the client which indicates that the software developed has been in accordance with expectations and stated that the project has been completed.