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UI/UX Designer? What’s that?

UI/UX Designer? What’s that?

  1. Definition UX/UI
  • UX (user experience) is the process of designing a product through a user approach. With this approach, you can create products that match the needs and desires of users.
  • UI (user interface) is part of the UX in the form of a visual appearance of a system design. This display allows users to connect and interact with a product.

2. Design Purpose

The fundamental difference between the two is in terms of the purpose of making them. As a clear explanation, the focus of UI (User Interfaces) Design is the interface / beauty of the display. While the focus of UX Design (User Experience) is user satisfaction in interacting with a product that we design.

3. Design Process

In the manufacturing process, both have quite different processes. Because it focuses on user experience, the UX design process is based on user research so as to produce products that match what users want and need. Meanwhile, UI design also requires research that is more focused on making designs that are attractive and in accordance with the concept.

4. Design Components

  • UI (User Interfaces) design focuses on the beauty of production views. UI components include colors, animated images and videos, typography, buttons, and other visual interactions.
  • While the UX (User Experience) design component includes almost all components in a product such as features, design structure, and navigation.

5. Skills required

Even though they both have design skills, there are striking differences in the basic skills of the two.

  • UI (User Interfaces): the skills needed are graphic design, branding design, creative thinking, and convergent thinking
  • UX (User Experience): the skills needed are doing research, analytical thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, and creative thinking.

From the conclusion above, UI is indeed part of UX. Both are important elements that need each other in developing a website or application.

If the UX design of a product is very good but the UI design is not good, the user’s first impression will also be bad. Likewise, if the UI design of a product is good, but the UX design is not good, the user will not like using the product.

So, both must have a good design so that your product is liked by the users as a whole. That way the benefits of the product can also be felt by users.



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