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Nouva Startup Program

Nouva Core grows by collaborating with regional digital startups. Combining experience and readiness in marketing and management, Nouva Core encourages startup growth by providing support including management, marketing, knowledge, and platform development.

Mobile & Website Development

Nouva Core provides support to startup founders who have less knowledge of information technology so that they can better realize their ideas.

Startup Seminar & Education

Nouva Core assists with the knowledge required by the founders. From how to build a startup to the next development. With the help of qualified mentors, Nouva Core will help startups level up.

Product & Business Incubator

Digital startups are not only about how sophisticated the application is, but how the application and business model that is built can be accepted by the market and generate revenue. Startups can take part in the incubator program from Nouva Core. We will assist startups to start up to scale up.

Investor Matchmaking

Nouva Core will help startups to find the right investors for the type of business they are running. Starting from pitch preparation to legality with investors. So that founders don’t need to be afraid to deal with investors.